Infant Care

For children ages 6 weeks to 3 years of age.

Our infant and toddler care program is focused on optimum periods for learning to cater the fastest growing period of the child.

Characteristically, the first three years of life are distinguished into various stages, the first year – infants; and the next two years – toddlers. Each of which are classified according to their developments physically, socially and emotionally, and intellectually.

This program is centered on the early development of the child’s cognitive, sensory-motor, language, perceptual, physical, and emotional skills.

Activities involve simple training on gripping, looking, crawling, grasping, holding, playing and other related activities that engage fine and gross motor training. As early as this age, they are already exposed to other children to develop their social skills. Visual discrimination training is also included. All of these activities ar grounded on the safety principle and checked by the safety-oriented caregivers.