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  1. Emelyn says:
    Satisfied Mom

    Ms. Carolina takes great care of kids. She’s taking care of my 2 children and I’m very pleased to say that is not like other day-cares out there. She really takes her time to teach and play with the kids, unlike other day-cares where the kids are just sat in front of the television and not taught anything. I don’t worry when I leave my kids at Noah’s Ark Daycare because they love being there. Is like their second home. 😀

  2. Nathalie says:
    Satisfied Mom

    I have known this family for many years. They are lovable, patient, trustworthy, humble, honest, caring, and giving. They are very loving with children. I have seen them with my own two children and my children just love that family. I trust this family with all my heart.

  3. Celeste Blackwell says:
    Satisfied Mom!!!

    I love this Daycare my Children never come home hungry…. she very blessed and sweet and always smiling… I would recommend this daycare to everyone…. God Bless their Family.

  4. Jessica says:
    Satisfied Mom

    Amazing daycare. My daughter loves attending every day and I love knowing that she is in good capable hands. I can go about my day knowing she is going to be well taken care of, learn all kinds of new things and is in a caring, nurturing environment. I would reccommend this daycare to everyone I know.

  5. Anita Sefah says:
    I Highly Recommend This Daycare!

    this daycare has been good to me and my son.my son has learned his numbers 1-20 and his entire abc’s and hes only 2 years old. i have recommended this daycare to people and they are satisfied too!

  6. Juana says:
    Satisfied Mom

    great and nourishing daycare for every child!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jeremiah says:
    After School Student

    Before this daycare I had to go strait home and go outside to fight every 5 minutes.Now that I go to daycare I have no more fights or other type of violence and I am only 11.

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