Noah’s Ark Daycare offers a wide range of age-specific programs with appropriate activities imbibed in every unique curriculum. We give precious consideration to their interests and abilities. Our goal is to make sure they grow fully able to be responsible individuals and establish a lifelong love for learning.

Check out the following list of the programs we offer:

Infant Care

For children ages 6 weeks to 3 years of age.

Our infant and toddler care program is focused on optimum periods for learning to cater the fastest growing period of the child.

Characteristically, the first three years of life are distinguished into various stages, the first year – infants; and the next two years – toddlers. Each of which are classified according to their developments physically, socially and emotionally, and intellectually.

This program is centered on the early development of the child’s cognitive, sensory-motor, language, perceptual, physical, and emotional skills.

Activities involve simple training on gripping, looking, crawling, grasping, holding, playing and other related activities that engage fine and gross motor training. As early as this age, they are already exposed to other children to develop their social skills. Visual discrimination training is also included. All of these activities are grounded on the safety principle and checked by the safety-oriented caregivers.


For children from three to four years of age.

Prepare your child for school as early as now! S/He can go to school even before he goes to school! Our preschool fun is filled with activities to make productive outputs before the big school days.

Your child is taught reading, writing, and basic arithmetics. These are delivered in fun activities in a variety of ways. Other exciting exercises include arts and crafts, music, and dance.

Along with academics, preschool students are also involved in self-help training, physical, social, and emotional development. Play time comprise most of the day activities.

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Kinder Readiness

Caters children from three to five years of age.

Our kinder readiness program is designed, like the Preschool Stage, to prepare your child for formal education, but in a higher level.

We encourage every child to:

  • Foster self-help skills
  • Build self-esteem and confidence
  • Encourage curiosity
  • Develop their lifelong love for learning new things

Activities are inclusive of, “but not limited to”:

  • Music
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Computer Lab
  • Language (Eng/Span)
  • Dramatic Play
  • Outdoor Play

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After School
The school bells may signify class dismissal, but it wouldn’t mean the end of a day’s learning for your child. By taking after school activities, they are exposed to a continuum of learning exercises that reinforce and support what they have learned in school.

Turn their after school time into productive hours. Instead of hooking up with video games, they can engage in fun academics and other enhancing activities.

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Tutoring and mentoring programs are available to parents who want extended guidance for their children. Our caregivers can provide these services for a time, depending on the needs of the students.

Charges may vary and dependent on the procured number of hours.

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Bilingual (Eng/Span)

We offer early language training in Spanish and English. Incorporating this skill is best done at school age. We have prepared fun lessons for them. There are regular simulations for them to apply the skill forward.

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