Why Noah’s Ark?

What suffices your need for satisfaction? When it comes to looking for the right child care provider for your beloved, in what criteria do you base your confidence? Safety? State-recognized programs? Facilities? Affordability?

Look no further! We will give you the following reasons why Noah’s Ark Daycare can be your child’s home for the next exciting years.

  • The Wonder Child Caregiver

Child care is a challenging work. It requires more than just patience to seek the fruits of labor. Child care means true dedication and passion, which cannot be done by those who are not really into the field.

Here at Noah’s Ark Daycare, our child workers are motivated, experienced, stays calm even when under pressure, are enthusiastic with every child’s uniqueness, possess a positive attitude, and most especially, sustains a connection with the child. You can leave your child with serene mind, knowing that they are cared best with child workers that treats your child as their own.

  • State-Registered

We are licensed by the New York State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. All programs and activities are recognized as well.

  • Age-Appropriate Programs

We carefully base our programs to modern research and findings in ECE (Early Childhood Education) where a specific age range is matched to a particular set of activities most fitted to the maximum development of the child in that age.

  • Child-Friendly

We are clearly free from records of licensing violations and complaints.

  • Safety-First

And most importantly, your child is housed in an environment that protects them and keeps them safe from any form of harm.

By those things mentioned, you can entrust your child to our care with the feeling of security, peace of mind, and convenience. See our testimonials.