Our preschool and after school activities are inclusive of the following:

  • Music

Using music to incorporate learning, discover their musical talents and include melodies in a fun time of singing rhymes and dancing to the rhythms.

  • Arts & Crafts

Your child is a potential art genius. We engage them in drawing, sketching, coloring, and producing their own art projects you would surely be so proud of.

  • Computer Lab

We train children in early technology learning, using child-friendly computer applications and softwares that are age specific and developmentally-appropriate.

  • Language

English and Spanish are the main language subjects we encourage pupils on.

  • Dramatic Play

Dramatic playing lets them take their own roles. These are good avenues for increasing their social relations with friends.

  • Outdoor Play

We give every child every chance to interact with nature and develop their appreciation for its beauty and significance.

  • Group Play

Here, they are exposed to social interaction with their peers.

  • Free Play

Free! Children are supplied with safe toys they can use to enjoy their free play time while being supervised at a distance at all times. Observations on any change in behaviors, and how they socialize with peers during free time will be made.

  • Show & Tell

By having show and tell activities they develop a sense of uniqueness, pride of their own identity and also gives them the opportunity of speaking in front of their peers and improve communications skills.

  • Story Time

This activity stimulates their imagination, develops their creativity, and allows them to mold dreams of their own.

For more details, please read our Preschool and After School Programs.